Accounting for Healthcare Professionals?

Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary care is all about providing much needed care to people to assist in their daily lives within their own homes. This care can be provided by Personal Assistants, Domiciliary Care agency staff or local authority homecare services. As Domiciliary Care accountants in Peterborough, we understand this business model very well. Our specialised team at Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants has been helping Domiciliary Care businesses for over 10 years.

We provide a bespoke service to our domiciliary health and care businesses. Here’s a snapshot of just some of the work our specialist domiciliary care accountants in Peterborough can help you with:

  • Annual financial statements
  • Bookkeeping
  • Assistance with funding 
  • Payroll and auto enrolment 
  • Share structure review
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial planning
  •  Review of internal processes and controls
  • Compliance advice
  • Estate planning
  •  HR support 
  • Board level management and support
  • And a lot more

Whether you’re looking to set up a new domiciliary care agency or you’re an established care provider looking for a more proactive and specialised accountant, we Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants can help you. Through our long experience in domiciliary care we are aware of the pitfalls and challenges you may face in your business and would love to become your partner in helping you and your business move forward.

Pharmacies & Locum

We understand how to help pharmacies increase their profits even amidst NHS budget cuts and increasing competition, and our solutions and services are tailored to your specific business. 

Our advice will ensure that you reduce financial inefficiency and increase profitability, meaning you will be able to focus on providing an exceptional service to patients.

Our service includes:

  • Business plans, including financial forecasts
  • Setting up a pharmacy
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Management accounts
  • Payroll and remuneration advice
  • HR  support
  • Tax advisory and compliance services
  • Incorporation  advice
  • Buying or selling a pharmacy
  • Raising  finance

Locum pharmacists

Locum pharmacists have more flexible working conditions and can enjoy more control over the number of hours they work. However, while they often receive a high hourly wage, growing competition and a rise in the number of qualified pharmacists in Britain means that sourcing work can be more difficult than in the past.

Managing your expenses and multiple income streams is also an added complexity. At Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants, our experienced accountants have the sector-specific knowledge needed to ensure your financial affairs as a single limited company are fully tax-efficient.

Our service offering for locum pharmacists includes:

  • Preparing and submitting all financial and tax returns
  • Review of your national insurance (NI) position
  • Pension planning
  • Single  limited company advice


Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants offers tailored packages for NHS consultants both for those who run a private practice on a self-employed basis, as well as those who are employed. We can give you general business advice and help you with your personal tax arrangements.

We also act for a number of consultant groups operating through partnerships, LLPs and companies. We'll give you all the business and tax advice and support you need to run your private practice in conjunction with your NHS consultancy work.  We can help with:

  • Preparing annual accounts
  • Tax returns
  • Personal expenses
  • Calculation of tax liabilities
  • Tax advice
  • NHS pension check
  • Advice on annual and lifetime allowance
  • Practical business advice on starting out in private practice
  • Trading structure review
  • Administration support - payroll, bookkeeping, HR support, training, budgeting, cash flow
  • Specialist technical advice in relation to your tax affairs, including capital gains tax and inheritance tax

Locum Doctors

We have over 20 years experience looking after the accountancy needs of locums. If you're setting up in business or self-employment, we can give you examples of financial comparisons to help you make the right decisions. 

Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants will give you all the support, in accounting and financial matters, you need as a locum doctor including:

  • Annual accounts and tax returns
  • Advice on tax liabilities
  • National insurance
  • Tax advice
  • Pension contributions (NHS and private)
  • Personal expenses
  • Record keeping
  • Advice on annual and lifetime allowance

Salaried GP and Medical

Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants helps salaried GPs and other employed medical professionals keep their tax, national insurance and pension arrangements up to date. We can help you with claiming tax relief on professional fees and subscriptions. Newly qualified GPs can claim tax relief for training costs and exam fees.

Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants will give you all the support you need, in accounting and financial matters, as a salaried GP or medical professional including:

  • Tax returns
  • Advice on tax liabilities
  • National insurance
  • Pension contributions (NHS and private)
  • Personal expenses
  • Annual and lifetime tax allowances
  • Access to specialist medical financial advisers

Accounting For Therapists

Therapists are responsible for keeping our nation healthy. Whatever sort of therapist you are your role is very important in modern day life and we acknowledge the challenges you face on a daily basis. Our therapists accountants in Peterborough can take away one of those challenges from you and can deal with therapist accounting procedures physiotherapy business accounts, acupuncturist tax returns etc and can advise on all accounting needs of any type of therapist. We will work with therapists in Peterborough and across the whole of England.

So, whether you need help with the preparation of accounts for your clinic or for your therapist business , cash flow forecasting or any therapist tax advice whether it is income tax, capital gains tax, VAT or inheritance tax, we will provide you with robust and cost-effective accounting advice and tax advice which is geared towards all types of therapists.