My Business’s Tax Affairs are too complex for me

It is a rare Budget that does not include some further tinkering with the taxation of businesses. You can certainly be forgiven for being confused about all the ramifications. Fortunately, we are here to help.

Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants work with many small businesses, and in every case we apply the rules to their best advantage, minimising the tax paid and maximising the allowances that can be legitimately claimed in their particular circumstances. 

What sort of concerns might you have? Well, these are some that tend to stand out in the minds of our clients -

1. Is it worth incorporating as a limited company

2. Does an LLP have any advantages

3. Should they register for VAT

4. Can they minimise the administrative time of filing returns

5. How much to take as a salary and how much as a dividend

6. Managing multiple business entities and transfer pricing

7. Which expenses can be claimed against tax

8. How to deal with the Making Tax Digital initiative

All of these and more will be sorted out by our experts in collaboration with you. We also go further – with areas that you may not have thought about in relation to your business. These may include -

  • Allowances for capital expenditure
  • Employee share schemes and tax-efficient incentives
  • Tax credits for research and development
  • Raising finance for growth and cashflow
  • Tax on export sales
  • The Patent Box scheme
  • Exit planning – sale, MBO, inheritance

Whatever the state of development that your small business is in, you will be in a better place with the help of Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants.

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