Business Tax Services

Corporation Tax

Our corporation tax accountants in Peterborough provides tax planning advice to established businesses to ensure they continue to meet their statutory obligations efficiently.

We advise a range of clients from aim listed companies/international groups to singleton companies. Our corporate tax consultants in Peterborough can help with:

  • ​Property tax
  • Tax advisory and due diligence
  • Maximising tax relief through research and development
  • Patent box
  • Partnership/profit sharing
  • Business/incorporation
  • Buying or selling businesses
  • Corporate tax self-assessment
  • Tax accounting under UK GAAP and IFRS
  • Compliance with HM Revenue and Customs requirements
  • Mergers​
  • Capital allowances reviews​

Whatever corporate tax challenge or issue you are facing we have the experience and the knowledge you need.  Talk to us today about how we can help.​

LLPs and Partnership Tax

LLPs and partnerships face very specific issues relating to tax, particularly in the following areas:

  • Profit share agreements
  • Ownership of partnership assets
  • Rules relating to incoming and outgoing partners

Our business accountants in Peterborough can assist LLPs and partnerships with compliance issues and also with the more complex matters that concern the firm and the relating tax burden for the partners.  

Financial Accounting for Sole Traders

Businesses need peace of mind that their tax situation is being managed.

Our business Accountants will prepare the accounts and tax return for a business and advise on how to report losses.

As with all tax situations, beyond compliance, tax matters can be more challenging. For example, buying and selling a business, rollover relief, managing risk - these are all areas in which we can help a business.