Charity Tax Advise

Our tax advisers in Peterborough advise charities on how to maximise the benefit of the exemptions from direct tax. 

Charities are exempt from income tax or corporation tax on their income, profits and gains so long as they satisfy the conditions for exemption and the income and gains are applied solely for charitable purposes. 

Our tax specialists in Peterborough advise charities to ensure they satisfy these conditions and we advise on other tax matters, including:

  • The use of trading subsidiaries
  • Corporate sponsorship 
  • Property development and refurbishments
  • Enquiries  by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
  • Activities carried on outside the UK, whether trading, investments, fundraising or funding projects 
  • Tax issues relating to employee remuneration and benefits
  • Tax efficient giving, including gifts from outside the UK 

We prepare tax returns for charities and their trading subsidiaries and we advise on the amount of donation that a subsidiary should make in order to avoid, where possible, any corporation tax arising. 

Our Gift Aid services

We provide comprehensive advice and guidance to charities so that they can maximise their ability to claim Gift Aid on donations, including:

  • Donor benefits 
  • Gift Aid and fundraising 
  • Gift Aid on membership schemes 
  • Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme 
  • Sponsorship      

We undertake Gift Aid health-checks to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place and that record keeping is compliant. We can also assist charities should HMRC undertake a review of their Gift Aid claims.

If you wish to discuss VAT or tax matters concerning charities or other not-for-profit organisations, please contact Loveth Watson on 01733808075.