Expatriate Tax Services

For employees being seconded to the UK to work, either temporarily or permanently, we can help you understand the complexities and provide the necessary tax return preparation services.  Our expatriate tax specialist team in Peterborough provides employers with advice on how assignments or transfers can be structured most tax effectively and ensure they and their employees are aware of their resulting tax compliance obligations the UK. 

Our tax specialists can assist with following areas:

  • Arriving in the UK:  Are you expecting to come to the UK for work purposes in the near future, or have you just recently arrived to start a UK assignment?  We can assist you when completing the required forms relating to your arrival in the UK, including registering for the self-assessment tax return process.

  • UK tax residence review: The Statutory Residence Test enables an individual to determine their UK tax residence status.  We can provide advice in relation to your tax residence position and ensure your current (or future) tax planning is not compromised.

  • Departing the UK: Are you expected to leave the UK soon or have you already left?  We can assist you in completing the necessary forms to officially declare your departure.

  • UK property rental income: Do you receive rental income from a property situated in the UK? If you do, there are reporting obligations that you must comply with. We can provide advice and assist with these reporting requirements and where appropriate, assist you in filing a claim to receive the rental income gross without tax deduction at source. 

  • Overseas work day relief: Are you a non-domiciled individual based in the UK, but you spend time working outside the UK?  If so, it may be possible to reduce your UK tax liability.  We can help you arrange your existing affairs to benefit from this relief.

  • Temporary work place: Is your assignment to the UK expected to last no more than 2 years, or if you have left the UK on assignment, do you expect to return within 2 years?  If so, you may be entitled to claim relief for certain work-related expenses.  We can advise you what relief may be applicable and how to claim it.

  • Tax Returns: Have you received a notice to file a tax return from HMRC or do you think that you need to file a tax return?  We can help in the preparation and filing of personal tax returns and the calculation of taxes for individuals in UK.

  • Payroll:  We can provide assistance with the implementation and operation of shadow and modified payrolls for expatriates, including advice on grossing up payments and the related tax and social security implications.

  • Short term business visitors:  Does your organisation have visitors to the UK from an overseas parent, subsidiary or associated company?  Do they carry out duties whilst they are present in the UK?  If so, we can provide advice relating to the PAYE implications and the Short term Business Visitor Agreement process and assist with you annual reporting obligations.

  • HMRC enquiries: Have HMRC sent you a formal enquiry concerning your tax affairs ?  We can assist you by working through the enquiry and communicating with HMRC on your behalf.


Whether you are moving overseas or to the UK for the first time our dedicated experts are here to guide you and help you manage your UK tax position. We work with you before, throughout and after your move; we make sure your tax affairs are in the best possible shape.