Looking to import into the UK – where do you start?

This country has a very open attitude to free trade, and has become very popular as a market for overseas businesses as a result. If you are thinking of joining them, then seek our advice before making the first moves.

The 5th largest economy in the World is inevitably of interest to any ambitious company from the EU and beyond. Get the taxation and organisational issues right, and you can do very well – get them wrong and you can miss out badly. The treatment of ‘non doms’ working in the UK is generally very favourable by international standards, but there are limitations that must be taken into account. 

The questions that Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants are often asked by non-UK businesses include:

1. How do we account for VAT in the UK

2. Are online e-business sales treated like conventional transactions

3. How do the authorities apply transfer pricing rules between group companies

4. How long can sales and management people spend in the UK

5. What is the best way to construct a group of companies between the two or more states

6. Are there import taxes or specific UK regulations to abide by

7. Does double taxation apply between our countries

8. Are there specific tax incentives or allowances that we can take advantage of

9. Is it better to set up a sales branch or a full subsidiary company

Setting up cross-border importation into the UK may be initially complex: but with our assistance on these and other issues, it can be extremely rewarding.