Owner Managed Businesses

Our accountants and tax advisors in Peterborough will support you to achieve your financial and non-financial goals. It’s our view that the business really exists to service the family, employees and the communities in which they exist and we tailor our services and solutions to suit.

Our Family Business services include:

  • Strategic business advice
  • Raising finance
  • Leadership development
  • Financial and performance management
  • Restructuring
  • Succession planning
  • Compliance and administrative support

We can help Family Business clients with the following:

  • The creation and drafting of family constitutional documents establishing a “family agreement” to provide a framework in which the family and family business can operate

  • Creation of shareholder / partnership agreements taking into account family succession issues

  • The partition or restructuring of the family business if appropriate to facilitate the passing of assets to the next generation

  • Advising on appropriate shareholding or partnership ownership structures dealing with the division of capital, income and control to meet family requirement

  • Advising on and implementing appropriate remuneration structures for family members

  • Advising on will planning and distribution of assets between family members to meet family requirements bearing in mind local taxation issues

  • Advising on and assisting with the implementation of family trusts, if appropriate, to separate control and benefit of family assets

  • If appropriate advising on the sale of the family business

  • Liaising with investment advisors on appropriate family investments to meet the family’s needs and objectives