Can I pay less tax as an individual?

The taxman has many ways to charge you – but we at Odiri Tax Consultants can often help you to minimise your overall personal taxation burden.

You are likely to be subject to tax on employment income, but also possibly on capital gains, inheritance, self-employment corporation tax or your investment holdings.  

You may be pondering issues such as –

1. Reducing your income tax

2. Whether to pay yourself dividends, PAYE or a mix of both

3. Avoiding or mitigating the liability to capital gains tax

4. Investigating the possibilities of using a trust structure

5. Are cryptocurrencies viable and are they taxable?

6. How to deal with a current HMRC investigation

7. Coping with the new digital tax return requirements

In all of these cases you can be sure that we have the experience and expertise to advise you, keep you legally compliant and deliver the best possible financial solution for your individual needs.

Our services include the planning of all your revenue streams to deliver tax-efficient outcomes, based upon a personal review with you of your overall current finances.

We will identify where you can make tax relief claims; whether you can utilise the available allowances of your partner; what opportunities exist to minimise the taxation of your income streams; and generally, we will consult with you to optimise your overall finances for tax efficiency.

Don’t delay taking action – every Budget brings with it new threats and new opportunities and you cannot expect to know all the answers of how to negotiate the changing taxation challenges. Rely on the expertise of the Odiri Tax Consultants.

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