Personal Tax Services

We aim to spare you all the headaches and free up your valuable time by offering a comprehensive Individual Self Assessment service, including:

  • Liaising with your bank, building society, stockbrokers etc to gather the relevant data for your annual returns
  • Calculating your tax liability
  • Completing and filing your tax return on your behalf
  • Advising you when various payments are due and how much to pay
  • Advising on appropriate record retention
  • Representing you in the event of your being selected for investigation by HMRC

We  also offer a specialist personal tax planning service tailored to your individual needs that includes:

  • Advice on minimising tax liability for all personal taxes, including: Income tax, Capital gains tax (CGT), Inheritance tax (IHT)
  • Non-domiciliary taxes
  • Completion and filing of relevant returns
  • Advice on trusts and estates

How We Can Help You

Tax Return Services

Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants: Tax return services Peterborough, corby, Cambridge, Stamford

Non-UK Domiciliary Tax

Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants: Non-uk domiciliary tax advisers &specialists Peterborough & UK

Inheritance tax planning

Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants: IHT and trust tax planning advisers/services Peterborough & UK

Non-Resident Landlords Tax

Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants: Non resident landlords tax services and advisers Peterborough

Expatriate Tax

Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants: Expatriate Tax Services & advisers, expert in Peterborough & UK

Tax Investigation

Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants: Tax investigation services & expert advice Peterborough & UK