Seperation and Divorce tax

The process of separation and divorce is stressful and time consuming and considering the tax implications of restructuring the familial assets can often be given low priority. 

Our separation tax expert in P Seperation tax expert in Peterborough eterborough work with our clients and their legal advisers to ensure that the division of assets is structured tax efficiently, whilst achieving their objectives. 

Our divorce tax experts in Peterborough have extensive experience of advising of the tax implications of dividing assets when a couple separate. We can assist with the following:

  • Corporate restructuring and the tax implications
  • UK tax advice for non-UK domiciled individuals
  • Advising in relation to residence and the UK tax implications arising
  • The tax implications of the transfer of assets between the parties and how to structure these tax efficiently
  • Advice in relation to making timely and appropriate elections
  • Resolving tax irregularities with HMRC
  • We are also able to provide Expert Witness support and frequently work with family lawyers to provide resolution towards a tax efficient separation of the family assets

Following on from finalising a separation or divorce, we provide continuing support including tax compliance and tax advisory into the future.