Capital Allowances Claim

Are you missing out on tax relief related to a commercial property purchase? You could make substantial tax savings with a review of your capital allowances claims.

If you are an owner of commercial property and subject to UK tax, you are entitled to claim capital allowances on qualifying fixtures in your properties. These include:

  •  lighting and electrical systems
  •  air conditioning
  •  heating
  •  sanitary ware

Capital allowances apply whether you own the property as an investment or it is used in your trading business.

Qualifying expenditure can arise on:

  •  the acquisition of a building
  •  the construction of a new building
  •  the extension, alteration or refurbishment of an existing building
  •  leasehold improvements to a rented property

We can quickly identify the likelihood and broad potential value of a claim, and can usually agree flexible fee arrangements for our work in generating a capital allowances claim. In many cases, claims can be related back to previous periods in order to generate an immediate tax refund, as well as future savings.

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