Setting up a Business in the UK

Planning to set up in the UK?

The UK is also a popular gateway to doing business in Europe and offers new opportunities for expanding your market reach. 

Odiri Tax Consultants and Accountants offer a wide range of services for international businesses that are considering setting up business in the UK.

How can we help?

  • Act as your UK registered office
  • Advise on your structure/restructuring
  • Carry out company secretarial duties to set up your company
  • Payroll bureau services
  • Provide advice on management reporting, corporate finance, VAT and tax.

Company formation and registration

We are able to assist with every aspect of company formation and set up in the United Kingdom.

Several legal structures are available for running a business in the UK. For instance, you could set up a UK company, often a subsidiary of your ultimate holding company, or establish a branch or representative office of the parent organisation.

Different options will suit individual circumstances and we can advise on all forms, including joint ventures and corporate structures if required. We can help you decide which structure is most suited to your needs. 

Odiri Tax Consultants and Accountants will attend to all your registration formalities.  After registration, we can also deal with all compliance aspects including maintenance of statutory records and the preparation and filing of annual returns and other documents.


Your company will be liable to UK taxes if it is resident in the UK or if it carries on a trade in the UK through a branch or agency. We can advise you on the tax implication and ongoing compliance requirements.

Similarly, your personal tax liability will depend on whether you are resident, ordinarily resident and/or domiciled in the UK. Early tax planning is essential before arrival in the UK and during your residence here. Our tax experts in Peterborough have extensive experience in advising businesses and individuals on international tax issues.

VAT and duty

All businesses over a certain turnover must register for the purposes of VAT (UK sales tax). Our VAT experts in Peterborough can arrange for your organisation’s registration. Involvement in a new venture may provide opportunities for VAT and duty savings if specialist advice is sought at the outset. Transactions can be organised to minimise VAT and duty costs, and accounting systems implemented that maximise VAT cashflow.

VAT is a complex and frequently changing area of taxation and early professional advice is essential.

Other services 

We can advise you on the most appropriate records and systems for your company. Some of the services we offer include:

  • bookkeeping – from basic records to trial balance
  • management accounting – regular tailored reports for effective decision making
  • payroll – calculation, payment and compliance