Trust and Estate Tax Services

Trust Services

Tax rules surrounding trusts are complex. Our specialists are highly experienced in these areas and can advise you on how to minimise your tax liabilities. 

Trusts are versatile structures which can help protect your wealth, ensure financial security for future generations and provide peace of mind that your assets will be managed in accordance with your wishes. The sooner we help you make these arrangements, the more you and your family can benefit from available tax planning opportunities.

We prioritise understanding your financial goals, both in relation to planning your own future and securing a legacy for your beneficiaries.

Odiri Tax Consultants and Accountants offer a well rounded tax advisory and tax compliance service both to trustees or beneficiaries of an existing trust and to individuals wishing to set up a trust from our office in Peterborough. 

We work with professional and private trustees to assist them with their tax compliance and administrative obligations. 

Our services include:

  • Advising clients on the suitability of a trust structure according to their unique requirements and family circumstances

  • The administration, accounting and taxation reporting for existing trusts including tax returns and Inheritance Tax  (IHT) returns

  • Advice in relation to Capital Gains Tax for the disposal of trust assets and planning regarding the appointment of  trust assets to beneficiaries

  • IHT consequences of setting up a trust, ten year anniversary reporting and exit charges in relation to the capital  distributions to a beneficiary

  • Advice and planning regarding how to wind up an existing trust that has come to the end of its usefulness in the  context of the wider family 

  • Reconciling investment portfolios

  • Assisting with a settlor and/or a beneficiary’s tax affairs.

Estate Tax Services

Estate planning ensures that the financial affairs of the individual or family are dealt with as efficiently as possible and that Inheritance Tax (IHT) is minimised on death.

Odiri Tax Consultants and Accountants advise clients on estate tax planning and the administration of an estate in Peterborough and around the UK. The services which we offer clients in this area include:

  • Advice on estate planning as part of a full review of financial affairs

  • Advice on IHT, IHT exempt gifts, charitable gifts and philanthropy

  • Administration of an estate when someone dies including how to plan and use CGT exemptions and the tax implications of appointing out  assets

  • Providing tax advice to beneficiaries of the estate