I need help to negotiate the VAT pitfalls…

It is all too easy for small businesses and VAT-registered sole traders to fall foul of the ever-changing requirements of HMRC. Don’t suffer alone – take professional advice.

There is a choice of reporting schemes, and a new requirement to deliver returns using an approved online accounts software package. Brexit is also likely to introduce a requirement to levy VAT on EU exports. Time to make a call to Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants

We know all the many and various rules and potential traps that face businesses in dealing with VAT, and we can help you to set up your systems and to avoid investigations and fines. We can even act on your behalf with HMRC.

There are specific sectors where the complexity increases further, such as property and reduced or zero tax transactions. Other areas that clients often consult us about include -

1. Should they register

2. Which of their costs are claimable for VAT refund 

3. How do they treat expenses, subsistence, entertainment, subscriptions etc.

4. Is it better to opt for a flat rate or cash accounting 

5. How the system works for partially-exempted financial services

6. What happens about bad debts

7. How to treat overseas costs and revenue

8. Whether to opt for direct debit payment to HMRC

Odiri  Tax Consultants & Accountants will review your particular situation and provide tailored advice to suit your business needs. 

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