Specialist VAT Services in Peterborough

Our VAT specialists in Peterborough can assist with a wide variety of VAT issues, ranging from applications to register for VAT to complex matters such as partial exemption calculations, the capital goods scheme, the tour operator’s margin scheme (TOMS) and the place of supply of goods or services.

Our team of VAT consultants in Peterborough will help to keep your VAT affairs in order, make sure you are collecting the right amounts for each transaction, and ensure that you make payments and file returns correctly and on time.

Commercial property

As property transactions often involve high values, if there is an issue with VAT it tends to involve a significant sum so it’s wise to seek professional advice.

TOGCs (transfer of a property rental business as a going concern) give the ability to transfer something without paying VAT. This area is not clear-cut and can cause confusion. We can help bring clarity to the situation.

Residential property

Three different VAT rates can apply to residential properties. This depends on whether the property is a new build or development, what it’s used for, or changes of use such as commercial to residential. Our VAT expert will ensure that your VAT position is correct and make the whole process straightforward.

VAT & not-for-profit

VAT is a very complicated area for not-for-profits and it’s easy to get it wrong. We are specialist charity advisers and understand that each organisation has different challenges which require tailored advice.

Donations are a complex area for charities, depending on whether they are freely given or have conditions as to how they should be used. We can ensure you take the correct position on each type of donation.

Some tax breaks are available for buildings that are used for charitable purposes, although the criteria for this is surprisingly narrow. We’ll identify if you qualify for any reliefs and help you take advantage if this is the case.

Intra-EU and international transactions

We help businesses, particularly those based in the US, navigate the VAT hurdles for setting up in the UK so that they can trade throughout the EU. 

We also advise many non-established landlords who own property in the UK.

Our VAT services also include the following:​

  • VAT Registration including UK VAT registrations for non-UK business
  • Preparing and filing VAT Returns
  • VAT planning and advice including construction projects, land and properties and capital expenditure
  • Dealing with VAT checks and control visits from HMRC
  • Accounting for the standard or cash basis for VAT
  • VAT flat rate scheme
  • VAT annual accounting scheme
  • VAT margin schemes
  • VAT retail schemes
  • Partial exemption
  • MOSS
  • VAT deregistration
  • VAT health check
  • MTD compliance 

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