Why Us

Our aim has always been to provide clients with a customised service which is highly specific to their needs and ensures that each and every client feels valued. To better explain how we help our clients, let’s start with the benefits we provide to our clients:

  • Client tax position is under constant review – Our clients can be confident that tax advice will be forthcoming whenever opportunities arise, whichever service is being provided.

  • Contactable  – We ensure that our staff are always contactable for when urgent matters arise.

  • In-House  – All client work is undertaken in-house with no outsourcing of tasks.

  • Expertise and Experience – The proportion time spent on client work is much higher than the industry standard.

  • Communication – We recognise that good communication is critical to establishing a successful client partnership and this is achieved through a quick turnaround of work      and fast response to queries.

  • Long-Term Thinking – We recognise the importance of getting the right structures in  place for the long term. That’s why we will always ensure you and your business have a clear route to achieving your long-term aspirations.

  • Payment  Options – For recurring work we provide the option to be charged a fixed  fee, payable by monthly standing order. This can provide cash flow benefits  to our clients in preference to an annual billing cycle.

  • Free Initial Consultation – These are offered free and without obligation, as you would expect. Allow us to understand you and your business  requirements and we will advise a strategy for how we believe we could  help going forward.

Whether you are a business, a not for profit organisation or a private individual, we understand that you have problems you need to solve and dreams you hope to realise. We provide you with one to one support to shape your vision, solve your problems and help you to realise your dream. Our greatest thrill comes from seeing you succeed.

We are passionate about what we do and our clients see us as their trusted advisors. We’re reliable and precise, offer great service at an affordable price.

Our five core values of excellence, integrity, team work, respect and stewardship touch everything we do, from the clients we work with to the people we employ. 

By understanding our clients, we are able to provide spectrum of services to our clients from accounting to taxation to HR consultancy and payroll and much more.  We see beyond the numbers. Our attention to detail and having a big picture of our clients' affairs enables us to resolve problems, find solutions and solve the puzzle.

You can count on one to one advice from Odiri Tax Consultants and Accountants whenever you need it. 

Speak to us on 01733808075 or we can call you any time from 9:00am - 8:30pm.