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Global Mobility Tax

A globe with the words " tax specialists and tax guidance to help people who operate around employees outside their home country ".

With our team of employment tax experts offer assistance on various matters such as employee benefits, off-payroll labour, international assignments, short term business visitors, share plans and incentives, and exit. We strive to create effective and cost-efficient solutions that cater to your business needs and goals.


Additionally, we focus on retaining and motivating your valuable workforce. Together, we can develop a successful and prosperous future for your organisation.

Our team of employment tax specialists in rewards can assist you in fostering staff engagement through an array of tools, ranging from adaptable benefit programs to the most suitable equity plans and thorough executive compensation packages. Regardless of the employee benefits and incentives you provide, it is imperative to comprehend and correctly apply the appropriate tax treatments from the outset. Our employment tax experts ensure that all payroll tax obligations are met and that any prospects for streamlining administrative procedures are identified.


If you require support in relocating personnel in or out of the UK, we can provide guidance on all the international tax and social security issues involved. Our team can conduct cost reviews for international assignees, prepare their personal tax returns, and identify  tax and social security issues that may arise.


How can we help:

At Odiri Tax Consultants, our expatriate tax experts in global mobility take the time to truly understand your business objectives and the needs of your employees. Our aim is to help guide you through the complexities of international employment tax with ease. We provide extensive support to both employers and employees, simplifying the daunting task of moving to a foreign country. Our services include:


    • reviewing the current and expected UK tax residency status of employees

    • identifying the company’s employment tax obligations such as payroll, withholding tax, social security

    • addressing any wider corporate issues such as permanent establishment or corporate residence.

We also provide assistance to employees to help them understand their personal tax obligations and offer practical support. We’re experienced in obtaining relaxations of strict withholding tax and social security requirements and can advise on obtaining section 690s, ‘STBV’ agreements, A1 forms, and certificates of coverage.



Our experts can assess tax-efficient international expenses, benefits, and relocation packages including detached duty relief calculation.




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