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Achieving success is not a matter of chance, but rather the result of setting clear goals, planning diligently, and possessing the confidence to make sound decisions at the appropriate times. These same principles can be applied to your tax matters in order to ensure your future security and that of your loved ones. 


Odiri Tax Consultants can provide professional advice on a range of topics, from significant lifestyle changes such as international relocation and inheritance receipt to assisting your children with their first home purchase or ensuring proper management of your tax affairs.



Our personal tax service is both accessible and affordable, offering high-quality, customised advice to meet your specific needs. With the guidance of a proactive and knowledgeable tax adviser from Odiri Tax Consultants, you can confidently review your tax affairs and maintain control over your financial future.



Compliance Services 


Navigating the complex UK personal tax compliance landscape can be challenging, as reporting requirements differ depending on the type of tax and your unique circumstances. With the self-assessment taxation system, it is your responsibility to complete your tax return and provide HMRC with comprehensive information on all taxable income and capital gains. Our team of tax consultants is equipped to guide you through this process and ensure full compliance .


Failure to pay the appropriate tax amount at the correct time or neglecting to submit a tax return by the designated deadline can result in significant fines. Additionally, neglecting to disclose your UK tax chargeability could result in HMRC reclaiming any underpaid tax from up to two decades prior.



Due to the rigid deadlines and the possibility of incurring penalties of up to 200% of the underpaid tax in certain circumstances, it is imperative to accurately fulfil your UK tax reporting duties. Let Odiri Tax Consultants assist you in meeting these obligations.



What we can do to help:


  • personal tax return completion
  • guidance on IHT
  • trust, and estate returns
  • assistance with completing ATED (Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax)
  • assistance with completion of NRL (Non-Resident Landlord) 
  • NRCGT (Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax) returns
  • capital gains tax 
  • tax investigations

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