Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants

We provides a comprehensive range of services aimed at ensuring that your business runs smoothly without any issues arising from the refusal of goods at ports or their impounding.

Customs Advisory

Our services include customs advisory, which involves offering advice on customs duty planning such as duty suspension facilities, warehousing, community transit, commodity code and customs procedures reviews, and applications for EORI numbers and deferment accounts. Additionally, we provide VAT/sales tax/GST advice for goods supplied to customers in non EU countries.

Customs declaration services

We also offer customs declaration services which entail preparing and submitting entry and exit declarations for goods movement in and out of the UK, while ensuring compliance and providing documentation to verify VAT treatment.

We further prepare and submit declarations for goods moving between mainland Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Cross border services

Our cross border services help our clients with changes to the place of supply rules for services provided to EU customers post 1 January 2021, claiming VAT in other EU countries, advice on providing services to customers in non EU jurisdictions, and registration for MOSS in the EU.

Forward planning services

Our forward planning services involve ongoing assistance with future developments such as changes to the provision of low value goods and services to consumers in the EU from 1 July 2021, preparation for single VAT registrations in the EU and the destination principle of declaring VAT where the goods or services are consumed, as well as potential changes for Tour Operators in the EU.

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