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Outsourcing payroll is rapidly becoming the preferred business solution as managing payroll can be a complex and ever-changing task. Whether you run a small one-man Limited company or have a larger workforce, our dedicated payroll team at Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants can provide a customized package that meets your specific needs.


By outsourcing your payroll to us, you can significantly reduce your business expenses. With our efficient and precise service, we ensure that all payments, submissions, and compliance with HMRC regulations are handled correctly and submitted on time, giving you and your employees complete peace of mind.


New employer

Right from the outset, we are here to provide you with support. No need to dwell on your PAYE duties, allow us to handle them all for you. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Establishing the PAYE scheme with HMRC on your behalf.
  • Explaining your auto-enrolment obligations. We even have access to discounted rates from reputable pension providers.
  • Managing payroll on a schedule that suits your business – be it monthly or weekly.
  • Assessing your employees’ eligibility to join the pension scheme.
  • Distributing pension regulator-approved letters to your employees.
  • Uploading pension contributions to your selected pension provider with ease.
  • And the cherry on top? We can represent you and communicate directly with HMRC (Have you ever experienced calling HMRC?).

Small Business 

Regardless of the size of your business, it is essential to accurately handle payroll responsibilities. Even if you are a one-person operation, you are still obligated to fulfill the same tasks and meet all requirements. Instead of worrying about it yourself, why not allow Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants to manage the entire process for you? We can provide regular reports and payslips to keep in your records.


Large businesses 


When you run a thriving business, managing your payroll becomes more intricate. That’s where the experts at Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants come in. Tracking employee turnover can be challenging, but with our innovative new starter logging form and data input sheet, all the necessary information is conveniently consolidated. This not only reduces errors but also ensures that no vital details are lost.



Now that auto-enrolment is mandatory, it encompasses even the smallest employers who might employ just a single individual. Noncompliance with your obligations can incur substantial fines from The Pensions Regulator.


At Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services that include all necessary pension contributions on the payslip at no extra cost. If you need assistance in meeting your requirements, we have a range of services tailored for you:


  • Pension assessments: Our team conducts these assessments regularly during each payroll period to determine auto enrollment eligibility.
  • Pension correspondence: We are able to promptly issue Pension Regulator approved letters as and when needed.
  • Pension uploads: You can rely on the expertise of our team at Odiri Tax Consultants & Accountants to handle the uploading of all pension contributions to your pension provider on your behalf.
  • Re-enrolment – When cyclic re-enrollment is due, our team can identify those who need to be re-enrolled and provide them and you with relevant information.

If you’re struggling to select a pension provider, we are more than happy to guide you through the available options and can seamlessly integrate with almost any pension provider. 



To obtain additional details about the payroll service provided by Odiri Tax Consultants and receive a fee quote, please complete the contact form or call our payroll team on 01733808075.

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