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Residence & domicile Tax

The residency and non-domicile rules hold great importance when it comes to making the right choices for your family and business interests. Our firm has acquired significant expertise in guiding non-domiciles in the UK. This encompasses offshore trustees and directors, private equity investors, senior executives, and management teams. Together, we analyse their requirements from a business, personal, and familial standpoint.


We ensure a thorough understanding of all aspects of international tax advice to offer insights into the worldwide tax implications for our clients.


Our team of highly qualified tax specialists are dedicated to meeting your financial needs, providing bespoke solutions tailored specifically to your unique tax requirements. Whether you are coming to the UK, planning for long-term residence, or leaving the country, we can offer advice on the organisation of financial affairs, tax efficiency, and tax reporting obligations.


We ensure that our UK planning aligns with the jurisdiction of your country of domicile and any other countries in which you have financial interests. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with your existing advisors, including onshore and offshore lawyers, investment managers, and property agents, to provide a comprehensive and cohesive service.


How can we help

If you’re planning on moving to the UK, Odiri Tax Consultants can:

    • help you manage your financial affairs in a tax-efficient way to support you and your family’s needs.
    • advise you on potential tax reliefs available and ensure your employment contract qualifies for these reliefs.
    • Compliance and necessary filings with UK tax authorities
    • Divorce/matrimonial advice
    • guide you on property ownership implications and inheritance tax implications for long-term residency or permanent settlement in the UK
    • Inheritance/estate tax and succession planning

On the other hand, if you’re leaving the UK, Our tax advisors can:

    • offer pre-departure planning advice to organize your financial affairs efficiently while living outside the UK.
    • assist with any ongoing UK tax reporting obligations if you leave the UK for work. If you choose to let your UK property while living abroad, we can advise you on the non-resident landlord scheme.

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