tax investigation services

Odiri Tax Consultants in Peterborough can ease the burden by taking care of all communication with HMRC, guiding and assisting you through the investigation process, negotiating the appropriate settlement on your behalf. 

If you are the subject of a tax investigation, involved in a tax dispute or if you have any concerns about your tax affairs, we provide a discreet and comprehensive service that is tailored to meet your unique needs and protect your interests. 

Our tax investigation services in Peterborough include:

  • HMRC Code of Practice 8
  • HMRC Code of Practice 9
  • HMRC Voluntary Disclosure
  • HMRC High Net Worth Unit & Affluent Unit Investigations
  • HMRC Compliance Checks & Self-Assessment Investigations
  • Employment Benefit, Compliance & Status Reviews
  • HMRC Penalty Mitigation
  • HMRC Offshore Investigations
  • Accelerated/Partner Payment Notices & Follower Notices
  • HMRC Counter Avoidance Investigations into use of 'Tax Avoidance Schemes'
  • Discovery Tax Assessments
  • Mediation      through Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Best pay Tax Assessments
  • Advice for Dog Breeders

If you would like a free, no-obligation and confidential consultation, call us now on 01733808075.